Born and lived in Turin, in 2012 we started feeling the need to spend some of our free time in the countryside.
Therefore, we began looking for a place to meet our desires. A fluke brought us to Casorzo, on the Monferrato hills, where we found a gem with fascinating potential. 
Following the purchase and subsequently a massive renovation, in June 2014 we began spending our weekends in the countryside.
A few years later, we look back so positively on this journey.
So positively, that we asked ourselves if, perhaps, other people who spend their lives in the city, might want to experience the same feelings.
And it is for this reason that the idea of ​​making part of our large house also available to others became a reality. For those who, like us, wish to spend a few days in Monferrato, to experience the pleasures of life in the countryside.



Ca' Frescòt offers its guests three finely renovated double rooms equipped with the following comforts:
AC / heating system
Free Wi Fi 



Free Wi Fi




19th April 2019 – Official opening of our Bed and Breakfast!

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Hills stretching as far as the eye can see, ancient villages and perched castles, a succession of gentle slopes planted with vines whose rows draw rigorous geometries: these compose the magnificent scenery of the Monferrato, which became a World Heritage Site.
The splendid wine producing areas of Piedmont, with their landscapes shaped by the combined action of nature and man, have become part of the world heritage list.
These lands that extend in a lively play of profiles, moulded by the changing of seasons, represent the exceptional quality of the Piedmontese landscape and of its deep and lively wine culture.
These are areas producing wines of international excellence and quality, such as Asti Spumante, Barbera d'Asti and Malvasia, developing from a rich heritage of know-how and techniques, based on the deep knowledge of the grapes grown here for centuries.
The “Infernot” Monferrato is the area of ​​the Basso Monferrato where you can find the old cellars (Infernot) several meters deep and dug directly into a particular rock similar to volcanic rock (tuff). Although the original owners and builders of these cellars did not have expertise in building nor geology, they were able to create perfect, beautiful works that can be visited to this day.
UNESCO describes this wonderful area as "an exceptional living testimony of the historical tradition of vine cultivation, winemaking processes, and of a social, economic and rural context based on wine culture".
The official motivation for acknowledging the area as a World Heritage Site states, "the vineyards of Monferrato constitute an exceptional example of human interaction with its natural environment".



Via Roma 27, Casorzo (AT), Piedmont, Italy

Latitudine: 45.0230883
Longitudine: 8.3380201

GPS coordinates:
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